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  • Generating Rigorous Research Evidence:
  • Building Knowledge and Capacity
  • Influencing Policy and Practice
  • Promoting Sustainable Development
About AfriChild

We are a Centre of Excellence in the study of the African child

The AfriChild Center is a leading force in promoting child well-being across Africa.


To generate research that informs policy and practice for the well-being of children across Africa. We strive to be a Centre of Excellence in the study of the African child.


A future where every African child thrives in a safe and nurturing environment, reaching their full potential and contributing meaningfully to their communities.

Our Core Program Areas

Promoting Wellbeing for Every African Child

The AfriChild Centre champions child well-being across Africa through rigorous research, capacity building, impactful advocacy, and promoting child-centered approaches to sustainable development.

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Organisational Capactiy

By 2026, we will be a stronger organisation with a strengthened capacity to deliver on our mission.


Generation of Research Evidence

By 2026, we will be the national and regional leaders in the production of quality research and evidence on child wellbeing issues.


Increase research uptake & Use of Evidence in Policy & Practice

By 2026, we will ensure that child-focused policies and programs are based on reliable evidence and data.


Influence Policy

By generating high-quality research and translating it into actionable strategies, AfriChild empowers stakeholders and policymakers to create positive change for children's lives throughout Africa.

Our Partners

Collaborating for Children's Well-being

AfriChild Center proudly collaborates with a range of esteemed partners and we are
committed to enhancing the lives of children in Uganda

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